Coconut Oil Weight Loss – Healthy Long Lasting Fat Loss Without Starving

Coconut Oil Weight Loss


Losing weight by eating coconut oil is the theme of the above book, which is now available on Amazon Kindle. Click on the image to view the book on Amazon.

This is my first book on Amazon Kindle. I hope it will encourage many people to try out coconut oil as a result of reading the book.

Many people still think and believe that coconut oil is fattening. In other words, many people thinks that they will put on weight or become fat by consuming coconut oil. This is not correct and unfounded myth. The book is set to dispel such misconception.

I present my arguments and interpretation of the latest research findings on why coconut oil is not fattening and why coconut oil is able to help one lose weight.

Coconut oil is able to help a person lose fat if it is done correctly. The best part about this tropical oil is it is healthy. This goes against another notion that coconut oil is bad because it is saturated.

I hope you will look it up on Amazon here.