Immune System Series for Kindle

Immune System For Healthy Body

Immune SystemImmune system is one of the most important systems of our body. A weak, frail or compromised immune system will surely lead to deleterious consequences which you and I can do without.

Healthy Immune System

A healthy body includes a healthy immune system, which is able to respond appropriately to microbial attacks. A well-balanced immune system is also able to differentiate between self (what rightfully belongs to the body) and non-self (those which are not part of the body.

Consequence of A Dysfunctional Immune System

Most illnesses at the brink of death are struggling to stay alive with a frail, weak or compromised immune system. Often, the patient’s body in this case simply would not be able to handle the infections and inflammation, arising from a defenseless immune system. In the end, the body succumb to the attack rather than the primary illness.

Fortified & Balanced Immune System

It is one thing to understand all the nitty-gritty details of a healthy or dysfunctional immune system. What is more important is how we can build up our immunity. What can we do to regulate, strengthen, modulate, and optimize our immune system? This will be the focus of my upcoming Kindle Series: Immune System Series.

Immune System Series for Kindle Readers

In this series we will look into several potent natural substances or food stuffs which achieve extraordinary results in our immune system. The series will consist of Coconut Oil, Black Sesame, Beta Glucan, etc.

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