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Saffron Extract Supplement in the Limelight

Saffron extract has enjoyed the widespread publicity through Dr. Oz Show back in 2012. It is most well-known for its weight loss effects as many had witnessed on the Dr. Oz show. If you had been searching for an effective method for shedding some extra weight when the show was aired, you would likely be tempted to give it a try.

Is Saffron Extract Weight Loss Overhyped?

Dr. Oz tried to cover as many grounds as possible but the valuable air time for a celebrity show can be restrictive. Therefore, an audience watching such a show could easily be drawn into the hype without understanding the ins and outs of a product. At times, this could be risky if one simply goes out to purchase and start consuming the product without knowing what are the limitations and risks of the substance.

While most people have heard about Saffron or Saffron Extract, but many are not certain how saffron extract works to produce weight loss effects in the body. The intention of this book is to provide information of saffron extract all in one place while attempting to bring a balanced view of this much publicized supplement.

As with any health product or supplement, we need to know its positive as well as negative impact on our body and health. It is my intention to share with my readers important information related to saffron and saffron extract. It is my hope that the reader will have sufficient information and knowledge to make an intelligent decision whether or not he or she should take the product.

Some answers and benefits in reading this Saffron Extract Weight Loss book are:

  • Does Saffron Extract really work?
  • What are the probable reason saffron extract work in reducing craving
  • Is saffron extract effective for non-compulsive eaters?
  • Research findings on saffron extract weight loss
  • Other health benefits of saffron extract
  • Saffron extract side effects
  • Brands of Saffron Extract
  • Is saffron extract for everyone who is overweight or obese?
  • Healthy meals using saffron extract

In addition, you will also find the following basic information on saffron and saffron extract in this book:

  • What is Emotional Eating
  • What is saffron?
  • Quality standard, Grades and Classification of saffron

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